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The original AERO design ALUGEAR



  • Intended to use: Alugear 1speed and 2speed chainrings for Shimano 12 speed Dura-Ace R9200-P cranks

  • Weights: Cover – 17g; Bolts (M8 11,5mm) – 8g

  • Bolt circle diameter: 110 mm Shimano Asymmetric

  • Attachment: 4-arm spider

  • Material: Aluminum 7075-T6

  • Made: CNC milling

  • Surface coating: Anodizing



  • For Alugear 1speed and 2speed chainrings with 110 mm Asymmetrical 4-arms Shimano cranks: Dura-Ace R9200-P series with built-in original Power Meter



This Cover is designed to give your Alugear chainrings the best appearance with your Dura-Ace R9200 cranks. This Cover is of the original AERO design and intended specifically for the Alugear chainrings 1speed and 2speed for Shimano R9200 cranks

The original Aero design ALUGEAR hides the joint between chainring and crank arm. The cover can be easily removed and placed back again when it is needed



  • For the best appearance of Alugear chainrings with your Dura-Ace R9200-P cranks with Power Meter

  • The AERO Cover for Alugear 1 and 2 speed chainrings is designed to fit the entire range of Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 cranks 

  • Tool holder: 5 mm hexagon socket maximum permissible torque: 12 Nm


Delivery includes: 1 x Cover AERO, 4 x bolts M8


Sort Aero cover PM R9200-P for Alugear drev (12-sp. Dura-Ace med Power Meter)

kr 749,00Pris
Ved bestilling forventes produktet på lager innen 2-3 uker
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