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DUKE Baccara SLS2 Disc 42/42C Hope Pro hjulsett
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The new DUKE Baccara SLS2* wheels are the latest evolution of the essential 3K Baccara. They are now available in 6 heights: 36, 42, 48, 56, 65 and 78mm, disc braking or pads, symmetrical or asymmetrical profile. For this new generation, we worked on 3 points: weight, comfort and aerodynamics. Thanks to the SLS2 technology we have lowered the weight by 10%, due to the use of high modulus fibers and a new process of molding in sealed enclosure with resins of new generation. This process also allows better filtration of vibrations generated by the particle size of the bitumen. The comfort is improved. The inside width between hooks is larger with 21mm. This gives more volume to the tires and thus improves performance, comfort and cornering grip. A wide rim also means being able to use thinner and lighter tires while maintaining the comfort, softness and grip provided by a larger volume of air. The recommended tire widths are 25mm and 28mm, tubeless or tubetype. The profile of the rim has been reworked to improve its aerodynamics and stability in all wind conditions. The outer width is larger with 27.6 mm and has a new warhead shape. This reduces aerodynamic drag and thus increases its speed. The wheels are also less sensitive to side wind and the steering more precise, the cyclist feels more confident. The best results are achieved with 25mm tires. It also retains a version with asymmetric profile of 2mm (for heights of 36, 42 and 48mm). With the increase in the number of speeds, the cassette side flange of the hub is seen more and more recentered towards the inside of the wheel. The umbrella spokes opens further and this reduces the stability and lateral stiffness of the wheel: it is fuzzy in the raises, takes sail easily. Asymmetry gives an umbrella much higher than the symmetrical rims and rebalances the tensions of the two plies for more rigidity and durability.

*(C for clincher, tire and SLS2 for Super Light Series 2nd generation)

Mounted with Hope Pro RS4 CL hubs
Weight of the wheelset 42/42mm with CxRay spokes(24+24 spokes): 1495g



RIMS DUKE Baccara SLS2 disc 42/42C ou 42/48C
- ERD 42c : 558 mm / 48c : 547 mm
- Material Carbone UD - pression maxi : 8.5 bars
- Use On all type of road (limit weight 125kg)
- Color Black
- Size 700c Disc
- Rim weight 42c : 420g / 48c : 445g
- Pair weight with Sapim CX-Ray (without rim tape, valve and stickers) 1495 g - 42/42 / 1525 g - 42/48
- Height 42/42 mm - 42/48 mm
- Internal width 21mm
- External width 27.6mm
- Offset 2mm
- Drilling 24 or 28 holes
- Tubeless tape 24 mm
- Tire 25c - 28c
- Weight Front 139g - rear 275g
- Axle Front axle available in 100xQR5, 100xQR12 or 100xQR15 / Rear axle available in 135xQR5, 135x12 or142x12
- Material Alu 2014 T6 Limitless usage
- Freewheel 44 crans 2 Ratchets available in shimano 9-10-11v (alu or steel) or Campagnolo 10-11v
- Bearings Front : 2x 17287 / Back: 2x 17287 in hub and 2x 17287 in the freewheel/ waterproof Inox Bearing HOPE / 44 Free-wheel notches ; 2 pawls
- Color Black,Blue,Red,Silver,Orange,Purple
- Drilling 24. 28, or 32 holes
- Disc mount Center Lock
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