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Orange Mud Endurance Pack 70z TEAL 3.0 BPVP70-TL3.0
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Version 3.0 is now released! Stability, breathability, and quick access pockets on the Endurance Pack make it perfect for any endurance event. It features a highly breathable and durable mesh that transfers heat quickly away from your body, yet is still soft on your skin. We balance the use of stretchy materials where needed, but use firm materials where we need to maintain stability of fluids and gear. This pack is excellent for carrying your fluids, plus sized phone, electrolytes, and essentials while running and riding!

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What's different with version 3.0 over 2.0? 3.0 has:

Solid, non stretchy, nylon straps on the front chest adjustments for a cinch tight and no slip fit.

We've added a structurally tough elastic into the side for just a bit of stretch to conform with chest breathing while still maintaining stability.

Trekking pole anchor points are in the front of the pack, as well as the back. 

Added hang loop for hanging the pack up. 

Change to elastic strap retainers on the side from rigid plastic.

Note there are two version of trekking pole hardware attachments. Front or rear mounting. 


The key to fit, cinch the sides first, not the front, until you feel the pack anchor on your shoulders. Then adjust the front harness as needed so you can breathe during movement.

Mountain Bike: Extremely stable on your body across the choppy stuff, and we extended the shoulder area a bit to allow freedom of movement. 4 front pockets allow for quick access of your essentials on the fly.

Running: Short runs or as long as you want to go. This hydration pack is loaded with features to take you any distance. 

Hiking: The conforming fit and quick access pockets paired with a very breathable frame means hiking bliss.  

Fit: This pack is designed to be friendly with your curves. Just slide the sliders up and down to find the optimal fit and adjust the sides snug. Max chest size is around a 52” chest. If you need bigger let us know and we will add more to them!

Optional Accessories

Soft Flask for front pocket 

Add on bag, to add 4L of extra storage

Spare 2L Hydration Bladder

Extra bite valve

Pack Details

Pack Weight: - 11.4oz

Dimensions: 10"W x 13" tall / Volume 6 liters.

Bladder: HydraPak 2L (70oz) elite, with quick disconnect and blaster valve. 

Compartment 1: Bladder compartment

Compartment 2: Main cargo

Compartment 3: Zippered elastic pocket with secure key clip.

MUDX Technology: Trekking Pole Attachment Option. 

Material details: Our stretch fabric is tough, abrasion resistant, & endurance designed. 

Shoulder pocket storage: Phone, gel, nutrition, electrolyte and more, both sides.

Front chest pocket storage: 20oz/600ml soft flask capable and trash pockets.

Front adjustments: 2 nylon straps on sliders for an optimum fit.

Made in Vietnam


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